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Do we really need a new ism?

And what’s this ecomodern one mean anyway? The eco suggests ecology, but the idea grows out of a disillusionment with the current environmental movement in that the solutions it’s offering up are simply not viable and their approach is often…

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Decarbonise the atmosphere for $1trillion?

We hear a lot of talk about decarbonising economies, but what about one day decarbonising the atmosphere? Fortunately, two new technologies are on the horizon that hold promise to make this possible. It should also be cost effective, if we…

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What is Ecomodernism?

In recent years, a group of academic scientists, ecologists and economists realised that the way they viewed the world and its problems had much in common, contrasting starkly with that of many traditional green organisations. These ‘ecomodernists’, made their combined…